Episode 27 - The Settlement

This episode marks our one year podcast anniversary! Thank you for your continued support. Luis was a fifth grade dropout, but was raised as an entrepreneur by his father. Luis came to the club two and a half years ago. He had already seen some entrepreneurial success in previous endeavors, but the unique aspects of the club would have a deep and residual impact on Luis and his family. Luis describes New Wealth Advisors Club as a settlement. Like a child learning to walk, Luis submitted to the culture of this settlement and has grown and developed in ways that he and his wife, Ariana, could not have imaged.

Episode 26 - Common Questions and Misconceptions

New Wealth Advisors Club is a real estate investment club. We also provide education in real estate investing. New people who visit our office ask a lot of questions. Typically, those inquiries are based on misconceptions. Is this a scam? It sounds too good to be true. What's in it for you, Dave and Melina? Is it all about money? Let us walk you through what we do and, more importantly, why we do what we do in a way that addresses some of the most common misconceptions we encounter.

Episode 25 - Deals are Created

Let's talk strategy. But first, know this: Deals are not found they are created. The curriculum at New Wealth Advisors Club is really about practicum. Every deal has a lesson, good and/or bad. We teach those lessons. More than that, our education centers on identifying deals and having proper conversations with motivated sellers. Yes. Real, actual conversations. There is no magic list that will come to your inbox as you sit in your pajamas on your couch. If you want to be a real estate investor, you are going to have to get off the couch and have real conversations with motivated sellers. Dave and Melina Boswell discuss some strategy and chat with Tim and Oscar about a significant deal and some lessons learned.

Episode 24 - Panic To Profit - Part 2: Fearless

Flipping houses is a marathon, not a sprint. On the last episode, we dug into why folks believe they aren't getting the results they desire in their real estate investing careers. This week, we dig deeper and analyze and debunk a few common traps that folks often fall for: I don't have the time ... I don't have the knowledge ... I don't have the confidence. However, as we peel back the layers of these onions, we begin to recognize the underlying issue ... the "F" word. New Wealth Advisors Club's team of senior real estate investors examine how fear presents itself and walk through some strategies on identifying fear and tackling this trap head on.

Episode 23 - Panic To Profit - Part 1: Perspective

We posed a question to our real estate investment club: Is there anyone who believes the system created at the club for real estate investing doesn't work? 100% agreed: the system at NWAC works! However, a few folks don't believe they've achieved the success they're looking for. Whether that's flipping more houses, being my own boss, making more money, financial freedom or controlling my own schedule. So we asked the club a second question: Why aren't you achieving the goals you've set? On this episode, the founders, Dave and Melina along with a few senior real estate investors at New Wealth Advisors Club examine these answers and challenge them with a fresh perspective on how it's possible to realize your dreams.

Episode 22 - The Ripple Effect Part 2

Part 2 of the Ripple Effect... Dave and Melina taking a much needed and well deserved vacation, Tim Wilkinson and Oscar Solares have hijacked the Flippin Off Podcast! We’ve invited a parade of club members to come into the studio to address three simple questions on our real estate investment club: Why did you join the club? Since joining, who or what has had the greatest impact on your life or your real estate investment business? Knowing what you know today, what would you share with those thinking of joining the club or considering being a real estate investor? Please enjoy part 2!

Episode 21 - The Ripple Effect Part 1

With Dave and Melina taking a much needed and well deserved vacation, Tim Wilkinson and Oscar Solares have hijacked the Flippin Off Podcast! We’ve invited a parade of club members to come into the studio to address three simple questions on our real estate investment club: Why did you join the club? Since joining, who or what has had the greatest impact on your life or your real estate investment business? Knowing what you know today, what would you share with those thinking of joining the club or considering being a real estate investor? There was so much content, we had to break it up into two episodes… please enjoy!

Episode 18 - Spill the Beans Part 2

Dave and Melina, again, sit with the same 13 other club members to discuss some of the common burning questions they get from the club. "What about forms? Where can I get them? Which forms do I need?", "What is the difference between the club and all these gurus?", "How can I add value to a team that's already working?", "What type of business entity do I need?", and maybe, just maybe, you'll actually hear how Dave and Melina met!

Episode 16 - Relationships Matter

Something a little different… Dave and Melina sit with Frank, Catherine, Tim, Peter, Christian and Oscar to capture an impromptu brainstorming session. Tons of enthusiasm stems from the recent enhancement of the New Wealth Advisors Club brand and lots of positive changes. The insights shared are indicators of those habits and actions necessary for success in the club. Everybody chimes in and you’ll notice a common theme: Relationships Matter. The “people" part of the club is the most important aspect of the club. It isn’t access to information. It isn’t access to money. It’s all about people and relationships.

Episode 15 - Home of the Misfits

Dave and Melina sit with Frank and Catherine Luna. Frank and Catherine had originally been tax clients of Dave's, before they even went into real estate. They had known Dave and Melina for a couple years before Frank was suddenly laid off in 2009. Inspired to make a drastic change, Frank followed Dave's lead and dove into real estate. They discuss their early struggles and the mirrored struggles of other club members who they now get to mentor. This moving discussion also encapsulates what the club means to so many.

Episode 14 - Batman is Just a Man

Dave, Melina, and Tim Wilkinson have a chat with Chris Albin (aka Batman). Over a decade ago, Dave and Melina sought mentoring from Chris. The beauty of the relationship is that Chris wasn't a former real estate investor who subsequently decided to teach; he was an active investor with contemporary tools in his belt. If you're gonna do this business, you need to get off your computer and get with people who are doing what you want to do. The discussion centers on surrounding yourself with people doing actual deals who have developed teams with the tools needed to succeed.

Episode 13 - Imperfect Action

After Mark Strayer got laid off he tinkered with the idea of becoming a real estate investor. Not yet ready to pull the trigger, he ended up working for the man to get back on his feet. Once his head was above water, the itch for a change, for something better, wouldn’t go away. This is when Mark circled back to a familiar home: New Wealth Advisors Club. Mark knew he had the social skills to build relationships and find motivated sellers, two cornerstones of real estate investing. But he needed more. He needed a community to guide him through closing deals and flipping houses and he wasn’t afraid to ask questions. Through NWAC, Mark was able to recognize his skill set and, more importantly, recognize what he needed and where to find it. Mark set aside his pride and asked for help. 65 days and two deals later, that humility paid off.

Episode 12 - Get Around The Right People

Coming from a mostly blue collar background, Kevin knew from an early age that he wanted to be his own boss. When he came to New Wealth Advisors Club he was a shy 18 year old with braces. Kevin's very first deal was a BIG win, but forced him to learn some lessons that most kids don't get. According to Kevin, after eight years of growth in the club, learning from Dave and Melina, and partnering with various other club members, the most important lesson: "Get around people that are successful and doing what you want to do."

Episode 11 - Reputation Capital

A club is a community. A home for collaboration, resource sharing and answers. Tim and Oscar had been good friends and members of New Wealth Advisors Club for years. However, they only recently began to partner on real estate investment deals. Each knew that the other had unique experiences and expertise to bring to the table and that, in order to successfully tackle complicated real estate transactions, it would be necessary to work with the right folks. Information and financing is easy to come by, but in order for them to architect solutions out of chaos, problem solving based on an intentional relationship and team building was imperative.

Episode 10 - Don't Try This At Home

Melina Boswell broke one of the first rules of real estate investing: There is no such thing as a real estate emergency. Actually, she stretched the rule to prove that real estate deals are not found, they are created. Melina came across a filthy and uninhabitable home saddled with a divorce, substance abuse, a non-judicial foreclosure, an imminent auction, multiple people on title, 1st and 2nd mortgages, a collection agency, liens from the Franchise Tax Board and an attorney, a homeowner with children who needed a roof and, of course, negative equity. She should have walked away. Instead, she put her head down and went to work executing a strategy called Forced Equity by crafting four legs to a sturdy stool: her network, her experience, her bravado to negotiate and her will to help a distressed homeowner.

Episode 9 - The Path of Life

On a journey from personally experienced struggle, Dave and Melina discuss building a food bank then joining forces with an important local charity. In a chat with Damien O'Farrell, CEO of Path of Life Ministries, they explore their growth and evolving opinions about how to serve. As a society, we label homelessness; our initial thoughts might make us hesitate to support or participate in such an effort. At New Wealth Advisors Club, what we do isn't nearly as important as why we do it. If you'd like more information, please check out thepathoflife.com.

Episode 8 - Back on the Horse

Oscar was driven. He started busing tables at 13, married at 18, spent 14 years as a decorated Marine, climbed up through leadership as a consultant, raking in over 6 figures. Burnt out, he returned to the military, took a massive pay cut, and kicked up his heals. He was comfortable. Too comfortable. When the feds stripped his security clearance without a reason, he ended up jobless. After trying his hand at real estate alone and hitting a dead end, he got back on the horse and tried again. However, the second time around, he didn't go it alone and learned an important lesson on his journey.