Dave Boswell

Real Estate Investor - Entrepreneur - Mentor - Coach


Dave Boswell is a full time real estate investor and founder of New Wealth Advisors Club, a real estate investment club, in Riverside, California. He has spent his career sharing his entrepreneurial vision and spirit and changed the lives of 100’s of people by mentoring and coaching them to become real estate investors and teaching them how to flip houses, through strict discipline and integrity.

Originally from Riverside, California, Dave spent many of his early years moving from city to city, as his father served in the military. Sadly, at the young age of ten, Dave's  father passed away. Immediately, he was forced to become the man of the house as his mother suffered from depression after her husband's untimely death. A few short years later, at age 13, Dave was on his own. He graduated early from high school and began college at the age of 17. By 20, he had graduated first in his class in the police academy. Over the next five years he served in law enforcement while continuing his education.

Dave met and married the love of his life Melina Boswell in 1998. Both having an strong entrepreneurial drive, Dave and Melina moved quickly away from working for the man and started their own businesses. Dave began a small tax and accounting practice while Melina became a loan officer.

When the housing market came to a crash in 2007 their businesses suffered, along with many others. Instead of just looking for a job, Dave and Melina sought out a new, entrepreneurial career in real estate. They traveled the country paying for mentors, buying programs and enrolling in guru real estate seminars trying to find the “magic pill” they needed to make a break in the investing side of real estate, only to end up at dead ends. A friend from church introduced them to a system that taught them to invest in real estate, specifically short sales, using no money or credit of their own. Within 30 days, they landed their first deal as real estate investors! They closed on the transaction and made $50,000. This launched what would become a very successful real estate career. Today, Dave and Melina own many doors, actively buy distressed properties and focus heavily on fix and flips, pre-foreclosures, short-sales and auction properties. They attribute their success to becoming educated in real estate investing and strategically executing their knowledge with discipline.

Along the way, Dave and Melina launched New Wealth Advisors Club to teach others how to invest in real estate and to create a like-minded community for real estate investors to work together, mentor and coach one another, share talent and resources, and creatively finance real estate investments.

When Dave isn’t closing a real estate deal, speaking at New Wealth Advisors Club or training, he enjoys spending time with Melina and their grandchildren, traveling and creating long lasting memories with his family and friends at the Club.

Through their experiences, wins and losses, Dave and Melina have learned that it takes people working together with a common purpose, to drive success. Together, they are spreading the word to as many people as will listen that the opportunities which fueled their career in real estate investment, are available to everyone.

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