More than just a real estate investment club.


New Wealth Advisors Club is more than just an education in real estate investment – it's a community of real estate investors who collaborate and work together to flip houses, and any good community comes with friends, mentors and coaches for it's members. When Dave Boswell founded NWAC, he set out to create a community of real people who met regularly in a real office whose focus was real integrity who actually invest in real estate. Dave's philosophy is that "Real estate deals aren't found, they're created." New Wealth Advisors Club is a community where you can learn how to create real estate deals and flip houses.


Real People

We are Actual People Who Work As a Team

New Wealth Advisors Club is a community of folks who work together, combining talent, energy and experience, to create real estate deals and flip houses. We meet often, face-to-face, as a group, to teach one another, learn from one another, collaborate on real estate deals with one another and have fun with one another. Dave Boswell isn't shy in touting that to be a successful real estate investor, you need to surround yourselves with like-minded folks, with experience flipping houses, who are ready and willing to mentor and coach you every step of the way.

Real Office

We Have An Actual OffIce

Real communities need a home, a place to meet, a place to work, a place to collaborate, a place to teach, a place to learn, a place to laugh and (of course) a place to eat. New Wealth Advisors Club has a 10,000 square foot office, located in Riverside, CA. It is in this home, that we teach folks like you how to invest in real estate and flip houses. Our offices are filled with dozes of full time real estate investors, mentors and coaches. Moreover, our offices are frequented by people just like you, seeking a community of colleagues, ready to partner.


Real Character

WE Actually Care About Homeowners

Dave Boswell founded New Wealth Advisors club on the pillars of integrity and character. As such, NWAC is committed to a philosophy of ushering homeowners toward better situations and circumstances, then where they are met. This means focusing more on people, than on houses. As such, NWAC teaches its students that in order to be successful in real estate, in the long run, you must prioritize people over squeezing every last penny out of a house flip. Dave's vision is to make positive changes in peoples lives and to encourage his students to do the same. As Dave has shared many times ... houses don't have problems, people do, and if you can help solve those problems, great investments are likely to follow.

Real Estate

WE Actually Flip Houses Together

New Wealth Advisors Club, Dave and Melina Boswell, and their team of senior real estate investors, coaches and mentors will teach you how to successfully invest in real estate and how to flip houses. However, that's isn't enough. NWAC is a club, a community, of real people who partner with one another to flip houses. We actually collaborate, on a daily bases, in person, to team up, create real estate deals, and invest. Dave Boswell is a champion of the philosophy that real estate investors who work as a team are smarter, faster, more creative, and execute deals more effectively than lone wolfs. Working together is what members of New Wealth Advisors Club do every day. We teach you how to flip houses, then we flip houses together.