Episode 42 - Dont Forget to Listen

Oscar Solares is joined by Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson to discuss how opportunities are created when handling a property that requires a creative or unorthodox approach. The New Wealth Advisors Club also ask themselves what value they can bring to the homeowner before dealing with them and based on that, come up with a creative way to get them to transition comfortably into their next place of living.

Episode 41 - This is The Place Where I'm Going to Grow

Dave and Melina Boswell sit this episode out and let Oscar Solares, John Slater, Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson talk with a relatively new member of the New Wealth Advisors Club, Amir. They chat about how Amir’s consistency and his desire to have success in the world of real estate led him to take  advantage of the strong support system at the NWAC and work towards his goal of being a support system for others. 

Episode 40 - What is Your "Why?"

Dave and Melina Boswell sit with Oscar Solares and one of their students, Monica Barrios, who is being spotlighted as an example of someone that has shown the commitment and effort necessary to be successful at the New Wealth Advisors Club. Monica explains how being present and having discipline has helped her find her “why?” and allowed her to feel happier by holding herself accountable as her own boss.

Episode 39 - Live the Dream

Dave and Melina Boswell sit down with Mark Kohler, CPA, attorney and the author of 4 books, to discuss his latest book, The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom. His latest book aims to help business owners get to the financial freedom using proven and efficient methods. Mark also teaches a Tax n Legal class at the New Wealth Advisors Club that helps break down the new tax bill and explain how it may affect your business.

Episode 38 - New Year, New NWAC

Dave and Melina Boswell sit with Oscar Solares and John Slater in their first podcast of 2018 to discuss some of the new and exciting plans for the members of the New Wealth Advisors Club. John and Oscar announce the details on a new weekly Facebook Live broadcast that will give the NWAC members an unfettered look behind the scenes of live real estate walkthroughs and deals as well as a coaching call program where members can receive coaching from several experienced investors of the NWAC.

Episode 37 - Always Fall Forward

Dave and Melina Boswell sit down with Oscar Solares and Tim Wilkinson for the final podcast of 2017 to discuss the upcoming annual Casino Royale fundraiser held at the New Wealth Advisors Club to benefit Path of Life Ministries in their efforts to rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of the homeless and the poor in Riverside. They also discuss how the formula for success in real estate is simple but what keeps many from achieving it is the difficulty. It is those that get back on the bicycle after falling off that eventually get the balance they need to be successful.

Episode 36 - Transparency is the Crux of Personal Growth

Dave and Melina Boswell are joined by Oscar Solares and Tim Wilkinson to discuss their passion for Mastering the Mindset, a monthly meetup for the New Wealth Advisors Club aimed at empowering people to live out their core purpose. Everyone is given the chance to stop suffering in silence simply by showing up and being present as well as being open to share their personal experiences without fear of judgment while embracing the idea that the people who share are the people who grow.

Episode 35 - The Student

Dave and Melina Boswell are joined by Tim Wilkinson, Oscar Solares, and Marc Weissenberger. What does the ideal real estate investor student look like? According to Marc, a successful New Wealth Advisors Club student, you show up, shut up and learn, then follow the path that’s laid out. It didn’t matter that Marc had already launched and sold successful businesses in the past, he remains humble and remains eager to learn. Dave, Melina, Tim, Oscar, and Marc discuss Marc’s journey at the club and how to take on the role of the student and the role of the leader.

Episode 34 - Wonder Women

Melina Boswell sits down with Kim Jacobson and Christie Weber to discuss how they are hoping to inspire women in the New Wealth Advisors Club to break the glass ceiling in business and real estate. Kim, NWAC member for 4 years, and Christie, for 1 year, share how they balance who they are as women with being strong and fierce in going after what they want in their everyday lives.

Episode 33 - Persevere and Push Forward

Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell are joined in the studio by Peter Vanderlinde on his 5 year anniversary of first joining the New Wealth Advisors Club. Peter tells his story of being a shy and introverted person trying to make it in the dog eat dog world of entrepreneurs. His motivations were his goal of getting his wife, Ada, out of the retail job that she had been in for 17 years and buying a house for the long term. Ultimately, choosing to persevere and push forward is what got him to exceed his goals and share his passion along with all of the other misfits in the NWAC.

Episode 32 - The More You Listen, The More You Learn

Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell sit down with Bruce Redmond and Tim Wilkinson to talk about some of their experiences in the New Wealth Advisors Club. Bruce had been let down by people and discovered that he could open up again when he joined NWAC and met Dave, Melina, Tim and the entire team. Dave and Melina also read a kind note that Bruce gifted in appreciation of their relationship.

Episode 31 - A Bunch of Misfits

Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell, on New Wealth Advisors Club’s 8 year anniversary of the opening of their second office, reminisce about some of the challenges they had to overcome when it was just them and their dog facing an upward battle in their efforts to achieve their goals. It’s been 16 years since the events of 9/11, and Dave and Melina talk about where they were during the tragedy as well as their plan to take their son on an educational visit to New York.

Episode 30 - Serve People, Always

Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell are joined by Yani Bos, founder of Bos Home Solutions and the quarterly BHS Foreclosure Prevention Event, and Tim Wilkinson, to discuss the impact that Yani’s free event has had with distressed homeowners by providing information on programs that can help them keep their home. Yani also shares how after 2 years of hosting the event, she is confident that 7 out of 10 homeowners can avoid going through a foreclosure.

Episode 29 - Enlightened

Dave and Melina Boswell have a clear idea on who it is they would like to join the club, and Joe Sanchez is one of those individuals. Joe thought he knew it all when it came to flipping houses, loan defaults, reverse mortgages and short sales but quickly realized that New Wealth Advisors Club wasn’t looking for that kind of individual. Instead, Dave and Melina stressed the importance of building relationships and being a part of a community. In two years, Joe met his mentor, Frank Luna Jr., and learned that by surrounding yourself with an experienced and knowledgable team, anything is possible.

Episode 28 - Without the Test, There's No Testimony

Dave and Melina Boswell are joined by Adam Halen and John Slater to share some of their real estate experiences in their native countries of Australia and England. Adam and John also explain how New Wealth Advisors Club has introduced them to other members that are dedicated to helping families get back on their feet and fight another day. Saving way more houses than having bought shows that New Wealth Advisors Club not only invests in properties but in homeowners, as well.

Episode 27 - The Settlement

This episode marks our one year podcast anniversary! Thank you for your continued support. Luis was a fifth grade dropout, but was raised as an entrepreneur by his father. Luis came to the club two and a half years ago. He had already seen some entrepreneurial success in previous endeavors, but the unique aspects of the club would have a deep and residual impact on Luis and his family. Luis describes New Wealth Advisors Club as a settlement. Like a child learning to walk, Luis submitted to the culture of this settlement and has grown and developed in ways that he and his wife, Ariana, could not have imaged.

Episode 26 - Common Questions and Misconceptions

New Wealth Advisors Club is a real estate investment club. We also provide education in real estate investing. New people who visit our office ask a lot of questions. Typically, those inquiries are based on misconceptions. Is this a scam? It sounds too good to be true. What's in it for you, Dave and Melina? Is it all about money? Let us walk you through what we do and, more importantly, why we do what we do in a way that addresses some of the most common misconceptions we encounter.

Episode 25 - Deals are Created

Let's talk strategy. But first, know this: Deals are not found they are created. The curriculum at New Wealth Advisors Club is really about practicum. Every deal has a lesson, good and/or bad. We teach those lessons. More than that, our education centers on identifying deals and having proper conversations with motivated sellers. Yes. Real, actual conversations. There is no magic list that will come to your inbox as you sit in your pajamas on your couch. If you want to be a real estate investor, you are going to have to get off the couch and have real conversations with motivated sellers. Dave and Melina Boswell discuss some strategy and chat with Tim and Oscar about a significant deal and some lessons learned.

Episode 24 - Panic To Profit - Part 2: Fearless

Flipping houses is a marathon, not a sprint. On the last episode, we dug into why folks believe they aren't getting the results they desire in their real estate investing careers. This week, we dig deeper and analyze and debunk a few common traps that folks often fall for: I don't have the time ... I don't have the knowledge ... I don't have the confidence. However, as we peel back the layers of these onions, we begin to recognize the underlying issue ... the "F" word. New Wealth Advisors Club's team of senior real estate investors examine how fear presents itself and walk through some strategies on identifying fear and tackling this trap head on.

Episode 23 - Panic To Profit - Part 1: Perspective

We posed a question to our real estate investment club: Is there anyone who believes the system created at the club for real estate investing doesn't work? 100% agreed: the system at NWAC works! However, a few folks don't believe they've achieved the success they're looking for. Whether that's flipping more houses, being my own boss, making more money, financial freedom or controlling my own schedule. So we asked the club a second question: Why aren't you achieving the goals you've set? On this episode, the founders, Dave and Melina along with a few senior real estate investors at New Wealth Advisors Club examine these answers and challenge them with a fresh perspective on how it's possible to realize your dreams.