Episode 59 - True Grit

Melina Boswell sits with Oscar Solares, Frank Luna, David Boswell, Christian Rios, Tim Wilkinson, Tim Jackson, “Spoon” and Kevin Castillo to continue a conversation about the tension created when trying to balance one’s dependence on someone else. The team also tries to give the members of the New Wealth Advisors Club advice on how to create grit within themselves. 

Episode 58 - Data and Facts

Melina Boswell sits with Kevin Castillo, Christian Rios, Tim Wilkinson, Oscar Solares and Frank Luna, leaders at the New Wealth Advisors Club, to discuss how inevitable it is for the market to correct with the ongoing rise of inflation and interest rates. Sometimes decisions can be fear-based but at the NWAC, the power is in having all of the information necessary to make good decisions.

Episode 57 - History Repeats Itself

Melina Boswell sits with Oscar Solares, Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson to discuss the effects of the market crash and where future homeowners find themselves today. Unfortunately, there are many similarities to the unrealistic promises that banks were making a decade ago and the New Wealth Advisors Club aims to teach and guide its members away from the pitfalls of dangerous loans.

Episode 56 - Diversify in a Shifting Market

Melina Boswell, Frank Luna, Oscar Solares, Tim Wilkinson, and John Slater get together to take about diversification of your real estate strategy as the market changes. Whether you wholesale, buy/fix/flip, or buy and hold for a time, you make your money on the acquisition and get paid on the exit. You always have to buy right. What you do with the property after that depends on a number of factors. The team discusses this and also talks at length about the AirBnB model and how to succeed with a vacation rental.

Episode 55 - Soft Market

Melina Boswell sits down with John Slater, Frank Luna, Tim Wilkinson, Oscar Solares, David Boswell and Andrew Boswell to discuss the softening of the market and how the members of the New Wealth Advisors Club can avoid some of the dangers of real estate investment today and navigate through some legal hoops in the market.

Episode 53 - Money Is Just Energy

Melina Boswell sits down with Tim Wilkinson, John Slater and Kevin Castillo to discuss how money is just energy, it comes and it goes but it also creates opportunities and allows you to do what you’re passionate about. At the New Wealth Advisors Club, making money means being able to make an impact and a difference in someone else’s life. 

Episode 52 - The Numbers Always Play Out

Melina Boswell sits down with Tim Wilkinson, Oscar Solares and her two sons, David and Andrew, to talk about how important it is within the New Wealth Advisors Club to know your numbers. Oscar and Tim talk about the number of doors that they’ve knocked on daily to get to where they are now and Melina shares a story of being able to retire her parents simply by asking what their number was. Inside the NWAC, knowing your numbers, along with activity, produces results.

Episode 51 - What Makes You Tick?

Melina Boswell, Tim Wilkinson and Oscar Solares sit down with their good friend and vital asset to the New Wealth Advisors Club, Mike Young. Mike has been with NWAC for five years and has persevered through several heart operations that have only strengthened his belief in the importance of organ donors and in never making excuses in life.

Episode 50 - Stirring Bravery and Courage

Melina Boswell sits down with her two sons, Dave and Andrew Boswell, as well as Oscar Solares, to discuss how their experiences have prepared them to join the New Wealth Advisors Club and help others achieve greatness. Dave’s story takes him from running away from home for Colorado, to getting married and having children in Idaho and now back to California to join the NWAC, while Andrew had a moment of rebellion which led to a short stint in a boarding school in Utah to now having 6 years of experience learning real estate from the brightest minds at the club.

Episode 49 - Creativity is a Real Trick

Oscar, John and Tim sit down with Chris Albin, the instructor of the highly popular Creative Acquisitions class at the New Wealth Advisors Club. Together, they discuss the importance of making sure your math is always right when trying to get creative with your real estate deals as well as how crucial it is to be thoroughly organized. Most members will eventually find themselves in the weeds but the NWAC is committed to  being there to help them when those challenges arise.

Episode 48 - Partnerships

Melina Boswell and the New Wealth Advisors Club Board of Advisors sit down to talk partnerships. They discuss partnering for the right reasons. They advise testing out partners before you commit. They encourage you to question what you each bring to the partnership. The board discusses setting appropriate expectations for a partnership and what happens when both partners don’t meet those expectations. These are topics that come up frequently at the club and in real estate deals with multiple parties who have partnered in some fashion.

Episode 47 - Be Coachable

Melina Boswell, John Slater and Oscar Solares sit down to discuss the importance of having a mentor. A mentor is able to bring their experience and knowledge in their particular field, and use it to aid in the growth of someone that is willing to be coachable as well as driven to become better at what they need to be. 

Episode 45 - Provoker of Greatness

Melina Boswell is joined in a conversation of love with Frank Luna, John Slater, Oscar Solares and her eldest son, David Boswell to honor the late husband, father and founder of the New Wealth Advisors Club, Dave Boswell. In a home of misfits that the NWAC aimed to become, Dave embodied the idea of the ultimate misfit as well as a man of honor and a provoker of greatness from all that he encountered.

Episode 44 - We're All Students

Oscar Solares sits down with Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson to go over some of the mistakes that they have each made in the past when trying to learn about how to succeed in real estate. While many may claim to have the best product on the market to make you a success, nothing can substitute working side by side with others that have already been down the road that you are about to set forth on. The members of the New Wealth Advisors Club are students as well that want to see their colleagues succeed, together. 

Episode 43 - The Origins of New Wealth Advisors Club (rebroadcast)

In loving memory of Dave Boswell, founder of the New Wealth Advisors Club, the first episode of the Flippin' Off Podcast.

Failure can be crippling, but it can also make us smarter, stronger and clear the path for success in both work and life. Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell were dead broke and at a dead end. Surrounded by bad news and sick of the rat race they combined their passion for real estate and helping others and set out to create their own path. On this episode, Dave and Melina share about turning their lives around by building New Wealth Advisors Club, a community that teaches people how to flip houses and collaborates to create real estate deals.

Episode 42 - Dont Forget to Listen

Oscar Solares is joined by Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson to discuss how opportunities are created when handling a property that requires a creative or unorthodox approach. The New Wealth Advisors Club also ask themselves what value they can bring to the homeowner before dealing with them and based on that, come up with a creative way to get them to transition comfortably into their next place of living.

Episode 41 - This is The Place Where I'm Going to Grow

Dave and Melina Boswell sit this episode out and let Oscar Solares, John Slater, Frank Luna and Tim Wilkinson talk with a relatively new member of the New Wealth Advisors Club, Amir. They chat about how Amir’s consistency and his desire to have success in the world of real estate led him to take  advantage of the strong support system at the NWAC and work towards his goal of being a support system for others. 

Episode 40 - What is Your "Why?"

Dave and Melina Boswell sit with Oscar Solares and one of their students, Monica Barrios, who is being spotlighted as an example of someone that has shown the commitment and effort necessary to be successful at the New Wealth Advisors Club. Monica explains how being present and having discipline has helped her find her “why?” and allowed her to feel happier by holding herself accountable as her own boss.