Episode 13 - Imperfect Action

After Mark Strayer got laid off he tinkered with the idea of becoming a real estate investor. Not yet ready to pull the trigger, he ended up working for the man to get back on his feet. Once his head was above water, the itch for a change, for something better, wouldn’t go away. This is when Mark circled back to a familiar home: New Wealth Advisors Club. Mark knew he had the social skills to build relationships and find motivated sellers, two cornerstones of real estate investing. But he needed more. He needed a community to guide him through closing deals and flipping houses and he wasn’t afraid to ask questions. Through NWAC, Mark was able to recognize his skill set and, more importantly, recognize what he needed and where to find it. Mark set aside his pride and asked for help. 65 days and two deals later, that humility paid off.